Salsas Workshop

Salsas play a huge role in Mexican cuisine, this workshop is specially for those mad about this Mexican dish. During the workshop, I'll show you how to make 6 different salsas: 2 dipping salsas, 2 marinading salsas and 2 cooking salsas. We'll get you all the tips and tricks of good salsa making and we'll be talking about fresh and dry chilies and how they differ between heat and flavour. At the end of the class, we'll enjoy a light meal with the fruits of our labour.

Mexican Salsas Workshop

Thursday, 28th of August, 2013

Tortilla Making Workshop...

The hugely tortilla making workshop is back. Join us and have a go at making your own corn tortillas. The workshop will also show you how to make 2 to 3 taco fillings and a salsa made from scratch. We'll start with a few nibbles, some demo and then a bit of hands on. At the end we will sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour with a light meal.

Tortilla Making Workshop

Thursday, 21st of August, 2014

From 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm

Demonstration, hands on and a light meal


Tamales Making SOS

This Workshop is now Booked out, Thank you!

Ever wonder how to make Mexican Tamales? They've been around since 1200 BC! the Mayans ate them, the Aztecs eat them and pretty much everybody who has lived in Mexico before and after them has eaten tamales too! They're delicious, freezer friendly and can be done with a variety of meat and vegetarian fillings! They are the ultimate Mexican party food!

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