Pan de Elote / Corn Cake

I hate waste, so when I found 3 ears of fresh corn in my fridge from a food delivery two weeks back, all I could think is Pan de Elote. My mother made this quite often when I was little and it was one of her favourite healthy treats for us. I have done nothing to the recipe other than translating it. It is perfect as it is, but I will say, this cake is best eaten while still warm, as it is crunchy in the outside and soft and moist in the inside. As it cools off, the crust softens and it somehow lessens the eating experience.

Beer & Lime Cupcakes

Until a couple of years ago, I was totally oblivious to the whole Cinco de Mayo festivities. In most parts of Mexico, it is a day like any other, no big deal. Children in Primary Schools mark the day with a ceremony and secondary schools across the country would have a mention of the day or an assembly, but all in all, it was to me a pretty obscure date on our civic calendar. A couple of years ago I started getting 'happy Cinco de Mayo' cards on the post from my American friends, and that got me thinking...

Easter Egg Crisis! - Part II

Ok, if you haven't read last night's very late posting, , please do it now (otherwise I'm going to sound like a deranged woman to you on this post). Done it? great! so by now you know that I stupidly forgot to buy Easter Eggs for the Forans, that they don't take nicely to people forgetting Easter Eggs and you have learned of my cunning plan to avoid in laws' utter damnation.

Meeting Culinary Heroes...

I recently learnt the true meaning of the word 'starstruck'. I met my hero of heroes, Nigella Lawson, at a book signing in Dublin last month. I queued for about an hour and a half in the freezing cold just to get my book signed and to have a glance at the woman who made cooking sexy. I absolutely love her! Her books have provided the Ramirez-Foran household with many happy meals and countless friends have enjoyed the wonderful fruits of my working with the recipes in her books.

Builders' Cuppa: Victoria Sponge

We are building a porch and the front wall at home. It has been four weeks of hell: dust, debris, plaster stains, cement powder, dirty builders' boot marks everywhere, the house is cold and dirty and my kitchen completely uninviting! Everything is covered with a fine layer of dust! Living, or attempting to live, while builders are in your house is a nightmare! One thing I can't get over, is the amount of tea breaks our builders take!

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