Tamarind & De Arbol Pork Roast

This recipe combines two of my favourite ingredients: Tamarind and De Arbol Chillies. Tamarind is very prevalent in Mexican sweets and in the cooking of the pacific regions in Mexico; it arrived during Colonial times and soon established itself as an easy crop that required little or no work. The bittersweet and tangy taste is a favourite of most Mexicans. You can buy the fresh pods, or buy the pulp with or without seeds; mixed with sugar or with sugar and chilli. It makes delicious 'aguas frescas' (a cold drink), sweets and snacks.

Tacos al Pastor...

Tacos al Pastor (or Shepard's Style Tacos) are one of my favourite tacos EVER and I don't say that lightly. In the north of Mexico they are called 'Tacos de Trompo', because they are cooked in a vertical spit called 'trompo' (spinning top) similar if not identical to the one Kebabs are cooked on, with a piece of fresh pineapple and a big onion on top. The cooking method and the gadget were brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico in the late 1910 and early 1920's.

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