After 17 years in Ireland, I've grown use to missing things... I miss my family and I miss seeing my niece and nephews grow. I miss a lot of birthdays, christenings, weddings and of course funerals... I miss friends, I miss the sun, I miss my mama's cooking and my papa's rants. I miss fruit (papayas or mangos never taste right here) and truth be told, I miss taco trucks too. I miss the running up to Christmas and the Christmas markets and I miss the buzz of Independence month in Mexico every September...

Easter Egg Crisis! - Part II

Ok, if you haven't read last night's very late posting, , please do it now (otherwise I'm going to sound like a deranged woman to you on this post). Done it? great! so by now you know that I stupidly forgot to buy Easter Eggs for the Forans, that they don't take nicely to people forgetting Easter Eggs and you have learned of my cunning plan to avoid in laws' utter damnation.

Easter Egg Crisis - Part I

One of the things I love about living in Ireland is the addition of Easter to my regular celebrations. In Mexico, Easter is a much more sombre time, you get a lot of Jesus movies on telly and the customary fish on Good Friday plus a plate of capirotada, which is a sort of bread pudding that suffers from a terrible curse: if people actually hear what goes in it, they wouldn't touch it, but believe you me: it truly is divine!

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