Meeting Diana Kennedy...

I must confess that one aspect of Irish life that I truly love is the fact that Irish people, in general, have a complete disregard for celebrities. Many world-famous celebrities choose to spend their holiday time in Ireland because nobody bothers them. They can go out, like a regular person and enjoy themselves. It is like if Irish people go out of their way to ignore celebrity status... such a cool thing. Some of that 'coolness' has rubbed off and I also do the cool thing... I have never understood how people can go into hysterics at the sight of another human being.

Mexican Tamales-Making Workshop

Ever wonder how to make Mexican Tamales? They've been around since 1200 BC! the Mayans ate them, the Aztecs eat them and pretty much everybody who has lived in Mexico before and after them has eaten tamales too! They're delicious, freezer friendly and can be done with a variety of meat and vegetarian fillings! The perfect party food for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Irish-Mex Taco Night for Slow Food

I am more than delighted to be doing an Irish-Mex Taco night for Slow Food. Join me and some lovely Slow Foodies for a couple of hours of brilliant food stories, Mexican cooking tips and some banter while we make some quick and seriously delicious taco fillings together!

Have a flash go at making Mexican Corn Tortillas from scratch and enjoy the Irish-Mex feast with us, including a delicious dessert from our host Caryna Camerino of the award-winning Caryna’s Cakes!

The Secrets of Corn Tortilla Making...

The last two weeks have seen a lot of very interesting conversations over facebook and twitter about home-made corn tortillas from scratch. As a third generation tortilla baker, I learned the trade from my grandfather, who was passionate about a good tortilla. Corn tortillas are Coeliac friendly, tasty and above all simple enough to make... and yet, we all have faced disasters when trying to make them. After all the chats and questions, I decided to give a small demo on tortilla making!

Cooking Class at Cloughjordan House

I'm really excited to be teaching a full-day Mexican Cookery Class in the beautiful settings of Cloughjordan House Cookery School. The school is housed in the Coach House and it's surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The cookery school hosts an array of modern equipment, the environment is relaxed and informative all under the watchful eye of its owner Sarah Baker. My class will be hands on and you'll learn to make some pretty delicious Mexican Food.

Day of the Dead 2013...

As some of you know, I was plagued the last couple of months with a very bad dose of the flu that became a very serious chest infection. On doctor's orders, I did very little and rested a lot. There was just so much day time telly one can watch and my energy levels were quite low to do much else; Alan took care of the shop, his work and myself. I felt quite guilty, but there wasn't much I could do about it other than taking my medicine and rest. When I finally got better, there was a pile of things to do, a huge amount of events to go to and I had little or no time to do much else.

A Day at Bloom in the Park

Last week was a 'bank holiday' in Ireland. For those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, it's a Monday off. For the past 6 years, , which is the Irish Food Board, has chosen this long weekend (or puente as we know it in Mexico) to organise '', Ireland's largest gardening and food event in the country.

Foodie Karma

I believe in Karma. I believe that for every good or bad deed we undertake in life, there are ten of those thrown back at us. If you do good, good will come your way, and as silly as this may sound, karma has ruled most of my behaviour since I was a young girl. The past few weeks have really showed me how true Karma is. It all began with the thought that Alan and I were burning the candle both ends: full time jobs, a business to run, blogs, friends, family, household chores... we were constantly on the go and very, very tired. We decided to take a break and spend some time unwinding.

Foodie Heaven...

I just came back from an amazing weekend in Inishowen, County Donegal: relaxed, energized and above all inspired. The Irish Food Bloggers Association organised a weekend there for all us mad foodies in Ireland. What started as a small get together to talk food, ended up as foodies' heaven.

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