Red Chilaquiles...

Mexican Chilaquiles' only call to fame is as a hale miraculous hangover cure. The turth is, sore heads aside, it is a delicious and quick Mexican dish that can be found in local markets & street food stalls, as well as in the most exclusive restaurants in Mexico. We love them, and I make these Red Chilaquiles at home regularly as an alternative to the weekend full Irish breakfast for a bit of change.

Mexican Chilli Dogs

Chilli Dogs have a very special place in my heart. They bring up childhood memories of birthday parties in the summer months, with a big colourful piñata full of sweets ready to be whacked open and cool pots of strawberry jelly with birthday cake. Chilli Dogs are a mix of Chilli con Carne and a Hot Dog. I've no idea how this dish came about, but it is quite popular in my home State of Nuevo Leon in Mexico and I assume it is so all along the Northern Mexican region. I love them, they're satisfying, quick to make and most of all, delicious. Hope you enjoy them too!

Speedy Lunch: Molletes

After 48 hours of rain, half of Dublin stuck on cars or under water and pretty rotten weather conditions, today I had to work from home. Normally I bring a packed lunch and eat it at my desk, today I had the luxury of making a quick lunch and eat it hot. Molletes are the Mexican version of cheese on toast.

The Market Challenge - Breakfast Bagel

I feel I must start this post by apologising for the very late update on what I now call my Market Challenge. A couple of weeks ago I posted an entry on the blog called "Taking the Super out of the Market" where I pleadged to go cold turkey on my supermarket shopping for three full months and give Dublin's many food markets and local shops a go, however like Julia Child used to say (anyone who saw the Julie&Julia movie should get this joke): one should never make apologies.

Chicken Salad... Picnic Perfect

I am a sucker for a good picnic. In my neck of the woods in Mexico, picnics are close to impossible to have, it's way too hot and unless you have them under a good shade, they're even dangerous as sunstroke is not a thing to take lightly.  When I moved to Ireland I was starved of picnics, so the first few years I had as many as I could,  although I soon realised that the idilic picture of a picnic was quite impractical: the basket, the foods, the drinks, the blanket, the sweet treats, the ice bucket, the views...


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