Traditional Mexican Food


Mexican Tamales-Making Workshop

Ever wonder how to make Mexican Tamales? They've been around since 1200 BC! the Mayans ate them, the Aztecs eat them and pretty much everybody who has lived in Mexico before and after them has eaten tamales too! They're delicious, freezer friendly and can be done with a variety of meat and vegetarian fillings! The perfect party food for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Bean & Goats Cheese Tamales...

I spend a lot of time reading about food. It's what I like doing the most; yet, when I sat down to write this particular post, I realised most of what I know about Tamales was from either the stories my mother and grandma had or from general common knowledge. I decided to research a little bit more about it, what I found out really surprised me! For example, did you know that the oldest records place tamales as far back as 1200 BC in Mayan paintings?!

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