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I recently learnt the true meaning of the word 'starstruck'. I met my hero of heroes, Nigella Lawson, at a book signing in Dublin last month. I queued for about an hour and a half in the freezing cold just to get my book signed and to have a glance at the woman who made cooking sexy. I absolutely love her! Her books have provided the Ramirez-Foran household with many happy meals and countless friends have enjoyed the wonderful fruits of my working with the recipes in her books.

At the queue I met this two very nice ladies who had gotten up at 5 am to take the train to Dublin from Galway to meet Nigella, and when they asked me what my favourite book of hers was, I couldn't honestly tell them! My love affair with her books started about 8 years ago during a trip to the Aran Islands, off the Galway shore. A stunning unspoiled part of the country at the time. At the bottom of the hill to Dun Angus and its magnificent cliffs, there is a small tached cottage converted into a cafe for the hungry hikers. I sat there and took a slice of the cake on offer, Chocolate Guinness Cake. My life was never the same again! I tracked the recipe for weeks, finally leading to Nigella and her book ''. The cake has become a classic in my household and I have shared it with many as I think it is, by far, the best chocolate cake ever!

I think I'm going bananas in my old age! I entered Cully & Sully's Chef Factor Competition!! The two entries with the highest votes go through to the final along with a wild card picked by Cully & Sully! I need votes, so as sad as it sounds, please, please, please vote for me!! My entry looks like the photo below and it is called "Lily's Mexican Stuffed Chiles" (you can find me under the Dublin entries!). Gosh! I know how the X-Factor & American Idol contestants feel on results' night! :)