Best Laid Plans...

Last week I was full of blogging plans, classes, a possible trip to London and organising an opening party for Picado. I was expecting my parents for a visit too. Today, I am sitting on my front room painfully typing a quick update for the blog. I had an accident... one of those silly ones that involved overheating oil, some experimenting with churros and a visit to A&E.

Initially I didn't think it was serious. I've burnt myself before, it took about fifteen minutes to realise the burns were not going to be ok and that professional fist aid was needed in one of my arms and the right side of my face, including a blistering eyelid. After initial assessment, I was told I had superficial burns to left arm and face. Right arm had a second degree burn.

A little after a week and my left arm and face are recovering well. I have lost most of the scabs to the face and apart from tiny red dots there is not much else to tell. The right arm burn got infected so it required more attention and it will leave some scaring. I don't mind that too much, it could have been a lot worse.

So, I canceled the party, classes, the plans to go to London and to some extent most of the activities for the next two weeks. We even forgot our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday! So forgive me if I go quiet here for a while and bear with me here while I get better.