Easter Egg Crisis - Part I

One of the things I love about living in Ireland is the addition of Easter to my regular celebrations. In Mexico, Easter is a much more sombre time, you get a lot of Jesus movies on telly and the customary fish on Good Friday plus a plate of capirotada, which is a sort of bread pudding that suffers from a terrible curse: if people actually hear what goes in it, they wouldn't touch it, but believe you me: it truly is divine!

My mam makes a killer capirotada: problem is, as much as I love it, it is one of the few dishes I have failed miserably to reproduce with Irish ingredients only; so another year went by without capirotada in my life, but I keep the faith (and truth be told, I absolutely love chocolate Easter eggs!), which nicely brings me to the reason for my Easter Egg crisis: it is quite simple really, I totally forgot to buy any eggs for the family this year!

I know it sounds very dramatic, but truly, this is capital sin country in the Foran's household; you see, I married into a family who eats, breathes and dies for chocolate. The other half goes through about two kilos of chocolate related goodies a week (no exaggeration!). Forgetting to buy Easter eggs is no joking matter. I have been so busy lately at work that I slipped into a Mexican Easter mood and sort of forgot it was Easter! On top of that, the Forans are not the petrol-station-last-minute-chocolate-egg type, they put thought into buying them, they like a certain percentage of coco in them and organic preferably.

Each year we try and source something different, but I can't really turn up tomorrow to the big family Sunday Easter dinner with a Rollo chocolate egg (which was all what was left at the local food shop today!). So I have devised a plan for tomorrow to save me from total and utter damnation by the in laws: get up early and bake the most amazingly possible chocolate cake EVER! I spent the last hour sourcing recipes and I came across one that I think is going to be awesome! I plan to shape the cake in the form of an egg (if I can figure out how to do it without a proper egg shaped tin!). So wish me luck! I'm going to need it!

To be continued....