A New Home...

A Mexican Cook in Ireland has moved! I've been meaning to make the move for quite a while, but between the full-time job and the business, there has been very limited time and money to get anything else done. The blog suffered a few minor changes and I grew impatient with the platform I was using and the limitations it offered. The blog has been the home for my recipes and ramblings for nearly three and a half years and despite a couple of attempts on my part to pimp it up with the help of friends, I always came back to the familiarly boring chilies theme, mostly terrified that I would lose all the information if something went wrong.

I have changed and learnt so much in the last three and a half years and I wanted to pour all this in the blog, but with close to 200 recipes and posts and over 600 photographs, the tasks was scaringly big for me and for a while it felt like it was too big to tackle; still I felt the blog and its limitations were dragging me down, they were preventing me to grow and evolve and to showcase Mexican Food and my life in Ireland at its best. So about 4 months ago, we finally bit the bullet and started looking for a company who would help us do it. We were adamant we wanted an Irish company and with the tremendous help of Irish Twitter we found our perfect match.

The guys from  are a bunch of enthusiastic, super talented and young crowd. They got us from the beginning. They understood what I wanted and why I wanted it and they had been a fabulous pleasure to work with: fun, intelligent, super creative and with passion for what they do. Nothing was too wacky or mad to suggest and what I loved the most is that they love food nearly as much as we do! We set up a very tight schedule for the work to happen and since it's all been customised to do what I want, it's been a journey, some of the fuctionality of the blog is hidden from you, but working the back end is a total breeze! What hasn't been a total breeze is rewriting and re-shooting all my recipes to fit the new theme. I knew from the beggining that radical changes would have to be done to probably my first year of blogging and I've been working on that for the past 2 weeks, so you will notice not all my recipe archive is here yet, but don't worry, it will be. The whole exercise has taught me a lot and it has shown me clearly how much I have improved my recipe writing and photography skills since my very first blog post... (I sense a blog post on the before and after coming soon!)

So I hope you like my new home. We've shortened the name a little, we gave the blog the tools to show you step by step how to cook authentic Mexican food from scratch. We cater for the experienced cook and also for those who, like I once did, fear the challenge of the kitchen; what's best is that we show it to you all in photos.

This new blog home is the result of so many people who have helped me build it to what it is now and it would be impossible to name you all; but there are a few special people who have been by my side for parts or the lengh of the journey and I really need to thank. My husband, partner, friend, business advisor, madness companion and recipe taster, , for being there for me: without Alan everything would be much harder.  To my lovely and creative niece who puts up with my temper, takes all the action shots on the blog and makes sure the house is never quiet. To my lovely friends and Kate O'Halloran for being there over the past year and a half: you've made it so much better guys!  To for providing a safe heaven when stress gets too much and for sharing their passion for good food with us. To all the wonderful food bloggers who inspire me everyday to get better, specially to the for providing the platform for us to share our ideas and dreams... and last but not least, to the many Irish Food Producers who craft their produce with passion and care: without you my food wouldn't be half as good. 

I asked Alan yesterday, are we mad or what doing all this? His usual calm self smiled at me and said: 'yes we are, but we wouldn't get to do anything if we weren't!'- Enjoy my new home!