Valentine's Dash...

For those of you who read the blog regularly, you all know by now that I'm a bit of Valentine's Day dreader (almost hater)... It's way too much pressure and a lot of expense. I believe in showing my love every day of the year and not only one miserable, most likely rainy day in the middle of February, when one can hardly find a table for two free anywhere or flowers that are not sold at exorbitant prices. The last two years we've gone and stayed home and cook beautiful meals eaten in our pyjamas watching our favourite TV show! Last year was fabulous, we had and a luxurious dessert.

This year and for very personal reasons, we wanted it to be special and with the best will in the world we had a plan. I told Alan I would do all the arrangements for a change and that he would relax and enjoy. Having very little experience at arranging this sort of thing for Valentine's Day, I sported a very naive attitute towards booking a table at a very fancy restaurant we have both been meaning to go to. When I rang today I was nearly laughed at over the phone when I requested a table for two for Friday or Saturday... in desperation I rang another place and another place and all three were booked out!

So I am not left with 4 days to go and very little time and brains to organise something beautiful at home. Wish me luck!! I'm going to need it!

To do List:

  • Plan, shop and cook a fabulous dinner for 2 that won't take all day
  • Decorate the table with a fabulous theme
  • Find the most perfect gift for my Valentines
  • Get a nice bottle of bubbly
  • Look gorgeous on the day (another miracle needed here with all the stress of the last few weeks!)

I've been drawing inspiration from my to see if I can pull something off at home and still make it special.

How about you? what are you plans for Valentine's weekend?