Cuitlacoche or Corn Truffle

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Description :

Cuitlacoche or Huitlacoche is an ancient Mexican food delicacy. Often referred to as 'corn truffle', it is one of those things that tastes AMAZING but sounds and looks horrid. Cuitlacoche is a fungal disease of the corn, corn smut, that has been eaten and encouraged in Mexico since Aztec's times. The disease infects the top part of the corn, growing galls on it. The galls are harvested young and are moist and blueish in colour. When heated and cooked slowly, they turn into a deep black colour and are amazing in soups, as fillings for tacos and quesadillas and in sauces.

Cuitalcoche has a delicate earthy, mushroomy flavour, with hints of wood and corn. It's slightly citrusy and tart. It goes well with sweet corn, courgette flowers and cream. You really gotta taste it to believe me. It's quite expensive, but totally worth it! I love it!