Dried Chipotle Peppers

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Description :

I love Chipotle chilies, they're my favourite Mexican chili pepper in the whole wide world! They're smoky and of moderate heat. Dried chipotles start life as a jalapeno pepper, which has been dried and smoked. Chipotles figured in many Mexican dishes. They're amazing to make salsas with and to add smoky hot flavours to a dish. I absolutely love them!

To hydrate them, cover them with boiling water for 15-20 minutes; you can also cook them directly on your salsa by letting the juices of tomatoes hydrate the chilies, just make sure you cook the salsa covered. 

Dried chipotles keep for ever if you store them properly. Put them in a mason jar and handle them with a lot of care: gloves or tongs are best as they are hot and if you touched them with your bare hands and rub your face / eye/ nose, you'll be very sorry!