Pozole Kernels / Hominy

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Pozole Kernels or Hominy, are also known in Spanish as Maiz Cacahuacintle, from an old Aztec term translating as Cacao Corn. It is a very special type of corn that looks like the Coco bean, and that produces very large, round and soft, almost floury, corn kernels. They are mainly use in the making of Pozole, a delicious Mexican Aztec soup made of pork or chicken and these kernels. Pozole is a deliciously hearty pre-hispanic dish that is served with a dash of lime juice, fresh radishes, raw onion, oregano and freshly made tostadas. Moctezuma himself was fond of this soup.

If you buy the kernels raw, it takes about 2 to 3 hours of soaking and cooking, so I love these tinned pozole kernels as they are ready to use, which saves an awful lot of time. They are super tasty!