Tamales Masa-Harina

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Description :

I love tamales and this Masa-Harina is the perfect flour to make them! Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made of maize dough, stuffed with either savoury or sweet fillings, wrapped in a dried corn husk and steam for a few hours. It is said that tamales have been eaten in Mexico for over 5000 years!

I love making a big bunch and freezing them. I used to use plain masa-harina, which is more refined in texture, but then I discovered this one and found out that the texture of my tamales was better. The flour is naturally gluten free, made of 100% maize with no artificial flavours or colourings and no preservatives. It is a coarser flour than the regular masa-harina used to make corn tortillas, so the tamales come out crumbly and with a grainy texture to them. I love this flour!