Tinned Tomatillos

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Tomatillos (Physalis Philadelphica) are a small green fruit about the size of a cherry tomato and are related to the family of the cape gooseberries. They are a staple ingredient all throughout Latin American countries. Also knowns as Mexican Tomato or Tomate de Fresadilla, this little guys grow abundantly fresh in Mexico. Surrounded by an inedible husks that gets thrown out, they have a slight tart, acidic flavour. They are the main ingredient for Salsa Verde and are widely used in Mexican cuisine. They are perfect for salsas, chutneys and preserves as they have a high content of pectin. They go well with avocados, chicken and pork; also fabulous for enchilada sauces. Very hard to find fresh in Ireland, but some organic vegetable growers in farmer markets are starting to grow them (season goes from July-September), the rest of the year I use tinned ones instead.