Beef Barbacoa in Red Salsa...

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I recently blogged about and how it is my one food connection with my dad. When I made the barbacoa for that post, I froze a small amount for this post as I knew once I had shared that recipe, I had to share this one too. These Tacos of Barbacoa en Salsa Roja are perfect for any leftover barbacoa you may have. Since it is only two of us in the house, I often make drunken barbacoa and set half of it aside for this dish in the freezer, it's a quick and delicious way to make some tacos fast.

You can serve them with a side of beans and a delicious portion of home made red salsa. If you don't want to make salsa from scratch, use some of our shop bought ones. This is a super fast Mexican dinner and your family will love it!


Heat the oil in a non-stick pan at medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and chili and cook until the onion is translucent, approximately 2 minutes.


Add the barbacoa making suer to break any lumps with the spoon. Mix well and cook until the meat has heated through.


Add the chopped tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Mix well and cook gently stirring occasionally until the tomatoes are mushy and the meat is coated in the red sauce. Turn the heat off and cover the pan to keep the barbacoa warm while you heat your corn tortillas.


Heat your corn tortillas in a dry non-stick pan for about a minute on both sides. To keep them warm, wrap them in a thick tea towel or put them in a tortilla warmer. When they are ready, start assembling your tacos by adding a spoonful of the cooked barbacoa to each warm corn tortilla and top them with some red salsa and a side of beans. They are delicious!

One thing about tacos is that they are very family friendly. Encourage your kids and other family members to come together at the table and share the experience of making their own. Put all the components of the taco on the table, i.e. the barbacoa, warm tortillas, salsa, beans, etc. with plenty of spoons and get them to make the tacos as they eat them. It's fun and will save you some time! Enjoy!