Drunken Huevos Rancheros

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I've been playing around with snapchat for a couple of days. I must confess that I've been quite slow getting into it. I've tried it a few times, downloading the app, trying to use it and then after some frustrating attempts to snapchat, deleting the app and giving it up.

This has happened two or three times, but as frustrating as I found the app to navigate through, I kept hearing all these great things about it. I've found it very, very difficult: I couldn't really see how ten second segments could amount to anything, and that I think was my main problem with it... I'm a talker and ten seconds of talk amount, in my books, to absolutely nothing... what I failed to understand is how all these ten seconds can link to form a sort of story, which plays for a day and then it is lost in cyberspace.

So this week, I decided to give Snapchat a last chance. I took a couple of YouTube tutorials, got loads of advice from fellow blogger friends and Snapchat extraordinaires and . And so, after quite a few hours of playing around, I think I finally got it!! I published my first few Snapchat photos, videos, I played with the filters and today I actually use snapchat to post a recipe!

Overall, I feel pretty chuffed that I seem to have gotten the hang of it, the total estate of confusion and complete and utter 'to-old-for-this-lark-feeling is almost gone! So here's what I did in snpachat today. I hope you like the recipe. Bear in mind this is my very first recipe video, so the camera work is a little shaky. These Drunken Huevos Rancheros are absolutely delicious, easy to make and most of all perfect for a quick supper. Follow me on Snapchat as 'MexicanCookEire' !! 


Heat Avocado Oil in a pan at a medium high heat. Add the onion and chilli cook for a couple of minutes until the onions are translucent. Follow by adding the tomatoes and mixing well. Season with salt to taste.


Once the tomatoes are starting to soften, add the beer and mix well. Continue cooking for further 3 minutes until the juices and the beer start thickening a bit. Taste to check for seasoning and set aside while you cook the tortillas and eggs.


In a non-stick pan, heat the sunflower oil to medium high heat. Place one of the corn tortillas in the hot oil and heat it up for about a minute on each side. We want the tortilla with a bit of a bite, but not crispy, so be careful not to fry it for too long. Take the tortilla out and place it on the hot plate where you are going to serve the eggs. Pre-heated plates are a good idea in a cold country. Repeat the process with the other tortilla. This is a good time to start heating your beans too.


As soon as both tortillas are ready. Fry the eggs on the same oil. I like my eggs with a runny yolk, but you can fry yours whichever way you like them! Place each fried egg on top of a corn tortilla.


Reheat the salsa if necessary and Pour a generous amount around each egg. Serve the eggs with a side of warm refried beans and top it all up with a sprinkle of feta cheese!

So there you have it, my Drunken Huevos Rancheros are ready to enjoy! Remember to comment if you like this recipe and follow me on snapchat for a bit more craic for as long as I can bear it, ten seconds at a time! Have a great day!