Huevo Verde / Green Eggs

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Lately I've been testing a bunch of very complicated recipes on my kitchen. I like the challenge of testing or developing a recipe that's complex and produces a dish that's both beautiful and full of flavour... but when it comes to do lunch for one or two, on those days when I'm pushed for time, tired and irritable, all I want is something simple and easy, but comforting as well. Since I moved full time to work in , those busy days have multiplied and so has my stash of handy brunches and lunches.

This Huevo Verde, or Green Eggs recipe is one of my favourite ways to eat eggs. Less than 10 minutes from start to finish! I love it in soft, warm corn tortillas, a sprinkle of feta cheese and a slice of avocado. I use green Jalapeño chilies if I find them, but if you can't, use whatever type of green chili you have, as long as you know you can stand its heat. If you're a chilli head, you might want to use two jalapeños instead of one!

A bit of advise though, use THE WHOLE chili, don't bother deseeding it; I promise you deseeding chilies is useless! The seeds are not what hold the heat, but the white veins to which they're attached to (aka the placenta), so unless you take everthing out, the chili will still be hot, so save yourself some work and don't deseed it; besides, what's the point of taking everything out anyway?! if you do, you're left with a piece of tastless, green weed! Man up and eat a bit of chili, it's good for you!

Oh! I made this is lunch for one, so if you're sharing it with a love one, double it! 


Heat the oil in a small non-stick pan at medium high heat. Add the sliced jalapeño chili and the onions and cook for one minute or until the onion starts getting translucent. Don't overcook them, we want both chilies and onions with a bit of a bite in them still!


Crack the eggs over the onion and chili and let the white cook a little before you break the yolk and scramble them. I like my scrambled eggs 'tender' as my mother would call them, that is fully cooked white and slightly soft cooked yolk. Cook for a couple of minutes stirring with a spoon when necessary until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Season with salt and removed from the heat.


I always start heating tortillas while the eggs are cooking, saves time and it means the eggs are not left sitting and overcooking. So take a warm corn tortilla and add a generous spoonful of the eggs. Crumbled a bit of feta cheese on top and add a slice of avocado if you want to cool off a bit of the heat from the chili.


Eat your tacos warm, with a nice cup of tea or coffee. I love them for breakfast or as a quick lunch.