White Rice / Arroz Blanco

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This is one of my all time favourite comfort foods... as a child I loved it so much I would eat it every day if mam made it; as an adult, I love it too and now my Irish family loves it. Like mam, I don't make it very often, partly because I'm concious there's quite a bit of REAL BUTTER in it and partly because I don't want it to become too common and to lose the wonderful joy of eating it when I make it. It combines three of my favourite things: rice, butter and corn... heavenly!

Super quick to make and, in my humble opinion, far better for you than some of that process crap we buy in supermarkets; I normally make a big pot like this, portion it and freeze it. It worked a treat when I made it to be served with the Yucatan Style Steamed Chicken I made last week. Hope you enjoy it!

Melt the butter in a shallow, non-stick pan at medium heat


Add the garlic, onion and red chili and fry for 2 minutes or until the onions become translucent and the kitchen is full of the fragrant garlic smell


Add the rice (unwashed), and mix well. Fry it for 2 minutes stirring constantly.


Add the boiling water to the rice and season with salt to taste; mix gently and cook uncover for 5 minutes.


Add the sweet corn with peppers and stir gently incorporating rice and corn. Let it cook until the water is fully absorbed, about 20 minutes. I don't cover the pot at all and I occasionally stir it with a wooden spoon to prevent sticking to the pot. Like with any rice dish, grains age vary and it might increase or decrease the cooking time, check that the rice is fully cooked, if you're not happy, add a bit more water.


I absolutely love this dish. I know half a kilo of rice is quite a bit, but it freezes well, so we always make a big pot and freeze what's left, it goes with loads of things and comes handy on days I don't have time to cook.