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Guacamole Norteño...

It is no secret that I love avocados, most Mexicans do! Last time I blogged about them in recipe. This time, I want to share a more traditional way of making guacamole, the way my mam and grandma would have made it and how I grew up eating it: northern style made in a big molcajete. When I'm hungry and homesick, I make a big bowl of this and eat it with tacos or with a slice of toasted sour-dough bread. It always makes me feel better.

Tortas: The Mexican Sandwich

Writing a food blog might give the impression that I am in the kitchen all the time... I wish I was, I do spend there every free minute I can squeeze out of my day; cooking relaxes me, it gives me joy and above all it makes me happy, but lately, I haven't been in the kitchen as much as I'd like to; we've been so busy getting a new home office built, trying to get rid of builders, cleaning up, etc, and all this while holding full-time jobs and running a business. All our meals for the past six months have been pretty much cooked in a hurry and eaten on the go or in a rush.

Beer & Lime Cupcakes

Until a couple of years ago, I was totally oblivious to the whole Cinco de Mayo festivities. In most parts of Mexico, it is a day like any other, no big deal. Children in Primary Schools mark the day with a ceremony and secondary schools across the country would have a mention of the day or an assembly, but all in all, it was to me a pretty obscure date on our civic calendar. A couple of years ago I started getting 'happy Cinco de Mayo' cards on the post from my American friends, and that got me thinking...

Agua de Piña

With summer fast approaching (or so we keep hoping) I was delighted to find fresh pineapples at the food market I regularly shop. I've been devising loads of ways to use this now gorgeously ripe pineapple, like this unorthodox fruity guacamole or eating it sliced with sprinkled chili & lime powder, yet my all time favourite way of eating pineapple is in the form of an Agua Fresca (fresh water).

Fruity Guacamole

Mexicans use avocados as Irish people use butter: everywhere! Nothing screams more Mexican than a bowl of gorgeously vibrant guacamole. Known all over the world, it has featured on Mexican tables for centuries. Believed to be an Aztec dish, guacamole is a symbol of Mexican food. It's made with Avocados, which are a lovely fruit from a tree native to Central Mexico. They are rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K and contain over 35 percent more potassium than bananas plus a higher content of fibre.

Chicken Salad... Picnic Perfect

I am a sucker for a good picnic. In my neck of the woods in Mexico, picnics are close to impossible to have, it's way too hot and unless you have them under a good shade, they're even dangerous as sunstroke is not a thing to take lightly.  When I moved to Ireland I was starved of picnics, so the first few years I had as many as I could,  although I soon realised that the idilic picture of a picnic was quite impractical: the basket, the foods, the drinks, the blanket, the sweet treats, the ice bucket, the views...


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