Mexican Hot Chocolate...

Growing up in the North part of Mexico, we had maybe a day or two a year with proper cold weather and our house, like most houses, had no central heating! This means that in those couple of days when it is actually cold, you use extra blankets on your bed and you wear the heavy jumpers inside your house. If the cold spell goes on for a week, you dig out the aul gas heater to warm up the room you're most in and you indulge in a fit of baking, which is rarely attempted the rest of the year as temperatures go as high 45 Celsius and that's before you turn on the oven!

Pork Pozole Rojo

Pozole is perhaps the one dish I miss the most from home.  A spoonful of it is enough to bring me right back to my mother's kitchen table. I particularly crave it this time of year, as many Mexicans enjoy it as a celebratory meal to see the old year out and ring in the new one. It's substancial, nutricious and as ancient as Aztec times. Amazing cure for hangovers too!

Boozy Spiced Candied Pecans

Most of my creative process starts with one single hungry thought. It usually comes at the least expected time... when the belly is full and I am relaxed. Funny enough, never when I am actually physically hungry (I get impatient and cranky when I'm hungry). When mam and dad were here in October, we were discussing Mexican traditional sweets... and candied pecans, or nueces garanpiñadas, came to mind. They are an expensive enough edible gift in Mexico as pecans are never cheap, but very, very tasty and Christmassy.  

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