Huevo Verde / Green Eggs

Lately I've been testing a bunch of very complicated recipes on my kitchen. I like the challenge of testing or developing a recipe that's complex and produces a dish that's both beautiful and full of flavour... but when it comes to do lunch for one or two, on those days when I'm pushed for time, tired and irritable, all I want is something simple and easy, but comforting as well.

Beef Barbacoa in Red Salsa...

I recently blogged about and how it is my one food connection with my dad. When I made the barbacoa for that post, I froze a small amount for this post as I knew once I had shared that recipe, I had to share this one too. These Tacos of Barbacoa en Salsa Roja are perfect for any leftover barbacoa you may have.

Drunken Barbacoa...

Barbacoa is one of those very few dishes that brings me food related memories of my dad. As a typical Mexican man of a certain vintage, dad is very traditional in his views of labour division at home: the man provides, the woman stays at home. A man in his early 70s, he was brought up in a traditional Mexican home, and like many men of his generation, he expected his four daughters to be well versed in the home arts...

Red Chilaquiles...

Mexican Chilaquiles' only call to fame is as a hale miraculous hangover cure. The turth is, sore heads aside, it is a delicious and quick Mexican dish that can be found in local markets & street food stalls, as well as in the most exclusive restaurants in Mexico. We love them, and I make these Red Chilaquiles at home regularly as an alternative to the weekend full Irish breakfast for a bit of change.

The Market Challenge - Breakfast Bagel

I feel I must start this post by apologising for the very late update on what I now call my Market Challenge. A couple of weeks ago I posted an entry on the blog called "Taking the Super out of the Market" where I pleadged to go cold turkey on my supermarket shopping for three full months and give Dublin's many food markets and local shops a go, however like Julia Child used to say (anyone who saw the Julie&Julia movie should get this joke): one should never make apologies.

I love you! Can we make pancakes?

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday in Ireland and for all of you out there who don't know about this wonderful day, Pancake Tuesday is a tradition in Ireland & England linked to the beginning of Lent; it is traditionally celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday. Back in the day, it was a way to use up all the rich foods before Lent (like flour, eggs, sugar and milk); these days it is a good way to have a last go at the sweet treats that people will give up for lent or, like in our case, an excuse to have a FULL dinner based on sweet, fluffy pancakes!

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