Blasta Books Launches TACOS!

I've been keeping a project quite quiet for a few months and last Friday, I got the green light to shout it from the rooftops, hence me sharing it here now. The lovely Kristin Jensen, the editor behind many of Ireland's cookbooks, and the woman behind new publishing house, Nine Bean Rows Books, have launched a super cool project called .

A New Home...

A Mexican Cook in Ireland has moved! I've been meaning to make the move for quite a while, but between the full-time job and the business, there has been very limited time and money to get anything else done. The blog suffered a few minor changes and I grew impatient with the platform I was using and the limitations it offered.

Gone Bananas!

I think I'm going bananas in my old age! I entered Cully & Sully's Chef Factor Competition!! The two entries with the highest votes go through to the final along with a wild card picked by Cully & Sully! I need votes, so as sad as it sounds, please, please, please vote for me!! My entry looks like the photo below and it is called "Lily's Mexican Stuffed Chiles" (you can find me under the Dublin entries!). Gosh! I know how the X-Factor & American Idol contestants feel on results' night! :)



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