Papas con Chorizo Tacos

Recently a twitter friend asked me if I had a good recipe for tacos. I realised that although I have done a lot of taco filling recipes for the blog, I hadn't really written a specific post on tacos, so no mystery as to what this post is all about: wonderful, versatile, delicious and ever simple tacos!

Fruity Guacamole

Mexicans use avocados as Irish people use butter: everywhere! Nothing screams more Mexican than a bowl of gorgeously vibrant guacamole. Known all over the world, it has featured on Mexican tables for centuries. Believed to be an Aztec dish, guacamole is a symbol of Mexican food. It's made with Avocados, which are a lovely fruit from a tree native to Central Mexico. They are rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K and contain over 35 percent more potassium than bananas plus a higher content of fibre.

Enchiladas vs Entomatadas...

When it comes to Mexican food in Ireland, there is always one massive bee in my bonnet: the twisted concept of an 'enchilada' which has been pushed by crappy commercial food companies that disguise themselves as Mexican Food experts. The yellow and red company who sells mass produced packets of enchilada kits in supermarkets across Ireland and the UK hasn't a clue of what an enchilada is, so I'm gonna set the record straight here.

Dried Arbol Chili Salsa

As many of you know, I had an accident recently and damaged my left side arm, neck and shoulder, which explains why I had been so quiet lately. I did a lot of cooking and took tons of photos over Christmas and New Year, but after my fall down the stairs, typing was very, very sore... still is, so short post for a while.

Turkey Leftovers...

I don't know about you, but I seem to be completely incapable of EVER judging what size turkey to buy so that I don't have a massive amount of it left after our traditionally Irish Christmas dinner. This year was no exception, the 14 pound bird was indeed too much, so I was left with about 5 pounds of cooked turkey! Now there's only so much cold turkey you can eat and after two days, one may need to get quite inventive.  Here's what I did with my leftovers of turkey today.

Mexican Refried Beans...

I love beans: they're full of iron, they are healthy and fill you up. They're delicious in soups, boiled, with rice, in tostadas or tacos and of course in the classic Mexican style: refried! They are part of the staple diet of Mexican people just as much as tortillas and chillies are. I don't have any hang ups about their colour or texture, or in deed the fact that just piled on a plate, they look highly unattractive! I just like them too much for that. I try to make my refried beans as healthy as possible.

Cochinita Pibil at Bloggers' Taco Fest

Have you ever gone to the gym after a long, long absence and find totally knackered but really happy for being good? well, that's how I feel today. It is the day after the Mexican Supper Club Evening, I am tired, but really happy and for the first time in quite a while, I found myself itching to get my hands on the keyboard and blog about what happened yesterday.

Ramirez Red Salsa

Salsa is one of the most annoyingly misrepresented items in the whole of the Mexican Cuisine (it's up there with and Burritos).  Everywhere you go these days you see claims of  fresh, authentic, or real Mexican salsa: it is in uninspired menus, in horrid jars in supermarket shelves and in cookbooks with interpretations of Mexican dishes by people who ha

The Magic of Tortillas

Tortillas are to Mexico what potatoes are to Ireland, the staple of our daily diet. Mexico consumes an average of six hundred and thirty million Tortillas a day! Breakfast, dinner and supper may include a few of them, so when I moved to Ireland ten years ago, the first cultural shock for me (after the weather that is) was the lack of Tortillas in my diet.


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