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Golden Chicken Tacos

A while ago my friend Emma and I spent a morning cooking and shooting this recipe, but for some reason or another, I only got to post the results today. These tacos are, by far, one of my favourite Mexican 'antojitos'. Antojito literally means small craving, but it is a word used in Mexico for light suppers mostly made with a big component of masa (in this case a tortilla) and a tiny hint of guilt. My mother would always serve them with a bowl of sopa de fideo, a chicken soup with very fine strings of pasta, similar to angel hair.

Potato & Chipotle Baked Tacos...

The humble and yet gorgeous potato, Ireland's national vegetable, is without a doubt my favourite root vegetable. Mexicans have had a love affair with potatoes for a couple of centuries and potatoes feature in many Mexican dishes. So when the people behind the campaign asked me a few weeks back to take part on the campaign I was more than happy to come on board.

Pork Pozole Rojo

Pozole is perhaps the one dish I miss the most from home.  A spoonful of it is enough to bring me right back to my mother's kitchen table. I particularly crave it this time of year, as many Mexicans enjoy it as a celebratory meal to see the old year out and ring in the new one. It's substancial, nutricious and as ancient as Aztec times. Amazing cure for hangovers too!

Calabacita con Elote...

My mother made this dish called 'courgette with corn' so many times when I was younger. She loved it. I can see why, as it's easy to make and it got plenty of vegetables into us. It's basically a cross between a stew and a chunky soup and it is served with rice. It's very tasty too. I however, missed the whole point of it for a long time as I used to hate it with a passion.

Rajas Poblanas

After the excitement of the last two weeks, life is back to normal and I found myself itching to post again. This is a recipe I have made a lot in the past for friends and family and it has always been a favourite. It used to be very complicated as I was unable to source its main ingredient, poblano peppers; however, since I finally found them tinned for the shop, I am able to post it now and make it much more simple for you all to make. 'Rajas' means slices, so this dish is mainly made of slices of Poblano peppers.

Enchiladas Verdes

When it comes to enchiladas, this is by far, my favourite way to make them; not only are they delicious, but very easy to make. They are perfect for any leftovers of your Sunday Chicken roast and my and with the adition of the Irish Mossfield Organic Cheese, they are incredibly good and practically half Irish (like me!).

Mexican Mole Pie

I first came across this Mexican dish about 10 years ago. I was visiting my friend Sandra and she offered me a slice of what she called 'Pastel Azteca' (Aztec Cake). Hers was very different, she was using a green tomatillo sauce and heavy cheddar cheese. I was fascinated by the concept and I fell in love with it. I did some research of my own and I came across loads of different version of it: some using red salsa, others with green salsa, some with dried chilies, some with poblano peppers and some with mole.

Crunchy Beef Tacos

When I first moved to Ireland, I found the lack of Mexican food ingredients really depressing; I had to make do with what was available and the one thing I could find with no problem was hard taco shells. They weren't precisely very Mexican, more of a Tex-Mex thing, but in time, I learned to like them and they became a regular super at home.


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