Mama's Pickled Potatoes...

A couple of days ago we finally hosted a party for the opening of our boutique Mexican grocer, , in South Richmond Street in Dublin 2. This was attempt two after the first attempt had to be abandoned because of my churro related accient a month ago. The planning and executing of the party was a little rushed and cortailed from the original plans, but I did not want my parents going home without us having it.

Guajillo Chili & Garlic Oil

I love chili oil. It is such an easy way to add flavour and heat to a dish. My cupboard above the stove is full of different flavoured oils: white truffle oil, lemon oil, basil oil, garlic oil, rosemary oil and my favourite chili oil. I love to drizzle it over meaty portobello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes just before they go under the grill. Fabulous breakfast topped with a poached egg. A few weeks ago I ran out of my shop bought chili oil and it occurred to me that, while that oil was nice, it was very one dimensional.

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