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Pork Pibil Tostadas

This is a very lazy post, so beware! I was cooking during the week for a party of friends who will come over for Sunday and sneaked a bit of the Cochinita Pibil I cooked for our lunch. I normally cook 2 kilos of cochinita, then portion it and freeze it. This time I took a bowl of it and made this delicious Pork Pibil Tostadas which served two purposes: it fed us and provided the recipe for this post.

Chiles Rellenos: A Labour of Love

I have a confession to make: I have always found Valentine's Day unbearable! Love the romantic idea of it, just couldn't bother my you know what with all that comes with it: hair, make up, dress, perfect gift, romantic get away, flowers, chocolates, reservations, it's just all too much pressure for me so I can only imagine how hard it must be for the lads! Last year, still recovering from an expensive Christmas and a terrible January, we decided to take it easy, be sensible and spend it at home.

White Rice / Arroz Blanco

This is one of my all time favourite comfort foods... as a child I loved it so much I would eat it every day if mam made it; as an adult, I love it too and now my Irish family loves it. Like mam, I don't make it very often, partly because I'm concious there's quite a bit of REAL BUTTER in it and partly because I don't want it to become too common and to lose the wonderful joy of eating it when I make it. It combines three of my favourite things: rice, butter and corn... heavenly!

Yucatan Style Steamed Chicken

While preparing for a Mexican Cookery Class I was giving last year I came across this lovely recipe and although this post has been long in the making (tweaking the method quite a lot), I knew when I found it that it was a definite winner. I wanted an easy to prepare dish that would use a Mexican ingredient from My Mexican Shop. It had to be quick, no more than 15 minutes preparation time, and about 30 to 35 minutes cooking time. I went through all of my Mexican Food books and a big fat NADA was all I got... until I found this little booklet my mam gave me last time I was in Mexico.

Beef Barbacoa in Red Salsa...

I recently blogged about and how it is my one food connection with my dad. When I made the barbacoa for that post, I froze a small amount for this post as I knew once I had shared that recipe, I had to share this one too. These Tacos of Barbacoa en Salsa Roja are perfect for any leftover barbacoa you may have.

Turkey Enmoladas

As those of you who know me, and those of you who've been patient enough to read previous ramblings in this blog, I absolutely hate food waste. I don't throw food away if I can help it; some of my Irish family find this odd and jokingly call me the queen of leftovers, so naturally, two weeks after Christmas I am still feeding my dearest and nearest turkey! Normally, Alan always asks - 'what's for dinner today?', nowadays, he asks: 'is the turkey finally all gone?' - the poor thing!

Spicy Turkey Tacos

I don't know about you, but I seem to be incapable of ever judging what size turkey to buy so that I don't have a massive amount of it left after our traditionally Irish Christmas dinner. This year was no exception, the 14 pound bird was indeed too much, so I was left with about 5 pounds of cooked turkey! Now there's only so much turkey sandwiches you can eat and after two days, I have to fight the urge to choke it all in the bin.

Drunken Barbacoa...

Barbacoa is one of those very few dishes that brings me food related memories of my dad. As a typical Mexican man of a certain vintage, dad is very traditional in his views of labour division at home: the man provides, the woman stays at home. A man in his early 70s, he was brought up in a traditional Mexican home, and like many men of his generation, he expected his four daughters to be well versed in the home arts...

Grilled Beef Tacos...

Carne Asada (grilled or barbecued meat) is a very traditional dish in Monterrey, my native city. People eat carne asada every other day and, like the Irish Sunday Roast, it is a sort of given on the weekend. The climate in Monterrey is very dry and hot (up to 45 Celsius in the summer) and outdoor barbecues feature in every household. We use PROPER charcoal barbecues, none of that gas nonsense, so when I moved to Ireland, I insisted on getting a charcoal barbecue for the back garden.

Courgette Flower & Sweet Corn Tacos

This is another of those recipes that was born out of desperation in my Dublin kitchen. I've tasted courgette flower quesadillas and stuffed courgette flowers before, they're quite traditional in Mexico, but they are fresh, so when I was first faced with tinned courgette flowers I thought, great! I don't have to miss them any more, but then I realised you can't do many of the things we do to the fresh ones. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this little recipe. It's simple and delicious and perfect to make tacos with.


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