Red Chilaquiles...

Mexican Chilaquiles' only call to fame is as a hale miraculous hangover cure. The turth is, sore heads aside, it is a delicious and quick Mexican dish that can be found in local markets & street food stalls, as well as in the most exclusive restaurants in Mexico. We love them, and I make these Red Chilaquiles at home regularly as an alternative to the weekend full Irish breakfast for a bit of change.

Enchiladas vs Entomatadas...

When it comes to Mexican food in Ireland, there is always one massive bee in my bonnet: the twisted concept of an 'enchilada' which has been pushed by crappy commercial food companies that disguise themselves as Mexican Food experts. The yellow and red company who sells mass produced packets of enchilada kits in supermarkets across Ireland and the UK hasn't a clue of what an enchilada is, so I'm gonna set the record straight here.

Cochinita Pibil at Bloggers' Taco Fest

Have you ever gone to the gym after a long, long absence and find totally knackered but really happy for being good? well, that's how I feel today. It is the day after the Mexican Supper Club Evening, I am tired, but really happy and for the first time in quite a while, I found myself itching to get my hands on the keyboard and blog about what happened yesterday.

The Magic of Tortillas

Tortillas are to Mexico what potatoes are to Ireland, the staple of our daily diet. Mexico consumes an average of six hundred and thirty million Tortillas a day! Breakfast, dinner and supper may include a few of them, so when I moved to Ireland ten years ago, the first cultural shock for me (after the weather that is) was the lack of Tortillas in my diet.


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