Bean & Chorizo Dip

January is always a lean month, a month in which we choose to spend eating whatever stuff is in the kitchen. We waste far too much food, so it is a great way to clear the covers and used up all those things we bought during the year and never ate. Take the freezer, for example, I don't know about yours, but my freezer is always full of food, things I bought I put there and then never quite found time or occasion to eat them or cook them. Every time I open the freezer, I feel super guilty that there is so much food there!


Mexicans love beans. They're an essential part of our daily diet. As a teenager, I remember my mother whipping up amazing dishes with just beans, chilies and masa.... you could make an infinitive amount of delicious meals with beans- she would say- and she's right!

Spiced Refried Beans...

Mexicans love beans... that's a fact! You give any Mexican a bowl of beans, some chilies and some tortillas and dinner will be ready in a giffy! So it is no surprise at all that I have written several times about beans in the blog. One of the most popular and most commented posts in the blog is the one where I show you how to .

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